Jockey Wheels, Propstands, Jacks & Clamps

Jockey Wheels, Propstands, Jacks & Clamps

We stock an extensive range of Jockey Wheels to suit all applications, from light duty 34mm general purpose assemblies right through to the huge 83mm serrated jockey complete with clamp. As well as the jockeys, we have a wide range of clamps available which match up to the assemblies and the various propstands that we keep on the shelves. As with the Jockeys, the propstands start at 34mm up to 48mm serrated tube and come in different lengths to cover the different uses.

We also have a large selection of Jacks and steadies, both UK made and imported. As with the above, these are available in a range of options and with a weight range of between 1000 & 4000kgs, will cover most trailer applications.

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