Axles & Suspension Units


Here at BTP we are able to supply a wide range of trailer axles ranging from 350kg un-braked to 3500kg braked in both rubber suspension or solid beam. Axles are usually made to your specification including MBC (Mounting Bracket Centres), OHF (Over Hub Face), Drop Arm length & angle wheel size, style & PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter), however we do stock some “standard size” axles. Please use this axle size guide when ordering to ensure that we have the correct dimensions for your application. IF IN DOUBT, PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE ORDERING. Most of the axles we supply come with the appropriate cables and compensator.

Suspension Units

We also stock a full range of suspension units starting at 150kg un-braked up to 1800kg braked, these are ideal for new builds or replacements for existing damaged units or even as an alternative for an urgent axle that can’t wait to be made. Our stocks also include suspension mounting plates, saddles for axles as well as stub axles, stub/hub combinations, leaf spring components and accessories. Please contact us if you have any special requirements.

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